End votes by player

Sheet 1: Players

Dead (* one fifth alive) Role Reason Role title
macey* Strongman Lynched Day One Prince of Blades
Thing Fish Investigator Killed Night One Religious Figure Having a Crisis of Faith
bufftabby Role blocker Killed Night One Skanky Vampire Demon
Pleonast Mason Killed Night One Sorority Treasurer
peekercpa Serial killer Lynched Day Two Predator
hawkeyeop* Vanilla Killed Night Two Alpha Redshirt
Chucara Vanilla Lynched Day Three Beta Redshirt
DiggitCamara Special Killed Night Three Inquistive Fool
Blaster Master Serial Killer Lynched Day Four Freddy Kreuger
NAF1138 Investigator Killed Night Four Vincent, the Dog Who Knows Things
Hal Briston Vanilla Lynched Day Five Alpha Redshirt
CometotheDarkSideWeHaveCookies Special Killed Night Five Ash
MHaye* Investigator Lynched Day Six Evil Candarian Demon Moose
JSexton* Special Lynched Day Seven Evil Ash
dotchan* Vanilla Killed Night Seven Alpha Redshirt
Millit the Frail* Protector Lynched Day Eight Bit Part Demon


pedescribe Mason No counter claim Sorority Secretary
Hockey Monkey Mason pedescribe confirmed


There are two deadbeats players according to pedescribe (Pleonast's PM) who didn't pay.
Masons do not have an Alpha/Beta split up according to pedescribe.
There is a particularly attractive, easy-going mason, the Vice President, according to pedescribe.
peekercpa killed bufftabby Night One and got two points for it.
CometotheDarkSideWeHaveCookies is not mason according to pedescribe.
bufftabby burned to complete dead Day Three.
DiggitCamara asked Thing Fish Night Two if he found scum: Yes, but someone he didn't interact with.
DiggitCamara asked Thing Fish Night Three who he investigated: bufftabby.
NAF1138 investigated Millits ' fine to claim Alpha/Beta' Day One and got WOOF?.
NAF1138 investigated Hawkeyeops 'I am pro-town' Day Two and got TRUE.
NAF1138 investigated Chucaras 'I am an Alpha Redshirt' Day Three and got FALSE.
NAF1138 investigated Cookies' 'I am town' Day Four and got TRUE .
Cookies is Ash, who has a birthmark which tells Total Lost is not Deadite.
Cookies had a Nightmare of an evil twin Night Three.
Cookies got information Night Four that both town and scum one-fifths count as Deadite and someone can kill them.
Cookies had gained some sort of power before she died.
MHaye falsely claimed Questionable Hillbilly, a two-shot bodyguard
No kill Night Six

Claims Role
Role title
Zeriel Vanilla

Total Lost knows nothing of Cookies' birthmark.
Blaster Master watched a doctor protect pedescribe Night One (failed kill?).
Blaster Master saw dotchan dream Night Two where she was more Alpha then the rest (failed kill?).
Blaster Master tried to kill Cookies Night Three but failed because something interfered (different from N1).
Almost Human Backup Doctor
Creepy Guy With Shovel



Nanook of the North Shore

Total Lost



special ed


Sheet 2: Votes

Night Zero/Day One

pedescribe (Pleonast) (Almost Human) (bufftabby) (Hawkeyeop) (DiggitCamara)

TotalLost (Pleonast)

Pleonast (Natlaw) (JSexton) Thing Fish

Rapier42 (Pleonast)

JSexton (Cookies) (Hockey Monkey) (Pleonast)

Thing Fish Total Lost (special ed) (pedescribe) peekercpa Pleonast Chucara

DiggitCamara (Natlaw)

peekercpa (amrussell) Natlaw

macey brewha Hawkeyeop Hockey Monkey special ed dotchan JSexton pedescribe Rapier42 Millit the Frail

dotchan (Zeriel)

Chucara NAF1138 DiggitCamara

Cookies bufftabby

Blaster Master Cookies

Rapier42 amrussell

Millet the Frail Almost Human

Night One

Pleonast Thing Fish

Thing Fish Total Lost (peekercpa) Pleonast (Chucara) pedescribe

peekercpa Natlaw

Chucara NAF1138 DiggitCamara

Cookies bufftabby Hawkeyeop

Blaster Master Cookies

Rapier42 (amrussell)

Millet the Frail (Almost Human)

Day Two

peekercpa (Natlaw) Nanook brewha Blaster Master special ed Rapier42 MHaye

Chucara NAF1138 DiggitCamara

Cookies Hawkeyeop (dotchan) (brewha) (Rapier42)

Blaster Master (Cookies) peekercpa (brewha) Chucara

Hawkeyeop Cookies pedescribe (JSexton) Almost Human

dotchan amrussell Total Lost Hockey Monkey Natlaw

DiggitCamara (pedescribe) Millit the Frail

Night Two

Chucara (NAF1138) DiggitCamara NAF1138 pedescribe Natlaw

Cookies Hawkeyeop

Blaster Master (Chucara) Chucara

Hawkeyeop (Cookies) (pedescribe) (Almost Human) Cookies

dotchan amrussell (Total Lost) (Hockey Monkey) (Natlaw) (Natlaw) Total Lost

DiggitCamara Millit the Frail

pedescribe (Chucara)

Day Three

Chucara DiggitCamara (NAF1138) (pedescribe) Natlaw Almost Human amrussell MHaye Millit the Frail special ed Rapier42
Blaster Master Chucara

dotchan (amrussell) (Total Lost)

DiggitCamara (Millit the Frail) (amrussell) (pedescribe)

amrussell pedescribe

Cookies brewha

Almost Human Total Lost

Night Three

amrussell (pedescribe)

Cookies (brewha) (Total Lost) (pedescribe)

Almost Human (Total Lost)

Blaster Master Natlaw amrussell

Hockey Monkey Almost Human

MHaye NAF1138

NAF1138 pedescribe

Day Four

Blaster Master Natlaw (amrussell) dotchan (pedescribe) (Zeriel) Millit the Frail brewha JSexton (NAF1138) Hockey Monkey MHaye
Hockey Monkey Almost Human

MHaye (NAF1138) NAF1138

NAF1138 (Cookies) (pedescribe)

special ed (amrussell)

Natlaw (Rapier42) (NAF1138)

Rapier42 (amrussell)

Cookies (Blaster Master) Hal Briston

Hal Briston Cookies amrussell pedescribe Blaster Master special ed

Night Four

Hockey Monkey Almost Human

MHaye NAF1138

Cookies Hal Briston

Hal Briston Cookies amrussell (pedescribe) special ed

brewha Total Lost

Day Five

Hockey Monkey (Almost Human) (amrussell)

MHaye Hal Briston (pedescribe) Zeriel (pedescribe) (Natlaw) dotchan (Total Lost) Cookies (special ed)

Cookies (Hal Briston)

Hal Briston (Cookies) (amrussell) (special ed) (Hockey Monkey) brewha Nanook (Total Lost) JSexton Natlaw special ed
brewha (Total Lost) amrussell (Natlaw) Total Lost (pedescribe)

Nanook Millit the Frail (dotchan) (Natlaw)

JSexton Almost Human

Almost Human (pedescribe) (pedescribe) Hockey Monkey pedescribe

Night Five

MHaye Zeriel (dotchan) Cookies amrussell Nanook

brewha (amrussell) Total Lost

Nanook Millit the Frail

JSexton Almost Human

Almost Human Hockey Monkey pedescribe (brewha)

Day Six

MHaye Zeriel (amrussell) Nanook (Hockey Monkey) pedescribe special ed Total Lost

brewha (Total Lost)

Nanook Millit the Frail dotchan brewha

JSexton Almost Human amrussell Natlaw

Almost Human (Hockey Monkey) (pedescribe) (brewha)

special ed MHaye

Night Six

Nanook (Millit the Frail) dotchan brewha

JSexton Almost Human amrussell Natlaw

amrussell Rapier42 [brewha]

special ed Millit the Frail

Day Seven

Nanook dotchan (brewha)

JSexton Almost Human amrussell Natlaw (pedescribe) special ed

amrussell Rapier42 Millit the Frail JSexton

special ed (Millit the Frail) Zeriel

Almost Human (pedescribe) Hockey Monkey (Total lost) (Almost Human) (special ed) pedescribe

Natlaw Nanook

Night Seven

JSexton [Total Lost]

Nanook dotchan

amrussell (Rapier42) (Millit the Frail) (brewha)

special ed (Zeriel) Millit the Frail Natlaw

Almost Human Hockey Monkey (pedescribe)

Natlaw Nanook

Millet the Frail pedescribe

Day Eight

special ed Millit the Frail Natlaw

Almost Human Hockey Monkey

Natlaw (Nanook)

Millet the Frail pedescribe Almost Human Nanook amrussell (brewha) special ed brewha

brewha Rapier42 Zeriel

Night Eight

special ed (Natlaw)

Almost Human Hockey Monkey

brewha Rapier42 Zeriel

Sheet 3: End votes by player

Player Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six Day Seven Day Eight

brewha macey peekercpa Cookies Blaster Master Hal Briston Nanook no vote Millit the Frail
Nanook of the North Shore no vote peekercpa no vote no vote Hal Briston MHaye Natlaw Millit the Frail
Total Lost Thing Fish dotchan Almost Human no vote brewha MHaye no vote no vote
Rapier42 macey peekercpa Chucara no vote no vote no vote amrussell brewha
Natlaw peekercpa dotchan Chucara Blaster Master Hal Briston JSexton JSexton special ed
special ed macey peekercpa Chucara Hal Briston Hal Briston MHaye JSexton Millit the Frail
amrussell Rapier42 dotchan Chucara Hal Briston brewha JSexton JSexton Millit the Frail

Zeriel no vote no vote no vote no vote MHaye MHaye special ed brewha
Almost Human no vote Hawkeyeop Chucara Hockey Monkey JSexton JSexton JSexton Millit the Frail

pedescribe macey Hawkeyeop amrussell Hal Briston Almost Human MHaye Almost Human Millit the Frail
Hockey Monkey macey dotchan no vote Blaster Master Almost Human no vote Almost Human Almost Human
Dead (* one fifth alive)

*Millit the Frail macey DiggitCamara Chucara Blaster Master Nanook Nanook amrussell special ed
*dotchan macey no vote no vote Blaster Master MHaye Nanook Nanook
*JSexton macey Hawkeyeop no vote Blaster Master Hal Briston no vote amrussell
*MHaye macey peekercpa Chucara Blaster Master no vote special ed

CometotheDarkSideWeHaveCookies Blaster Master Hawkeyeop no vote Hal Briston MHaye

Hal Briston no vote no vote no vote Cookies MHaye

NAF1138 Chucara Chucara no vote MHaye

Blaster Master no vote peekercpa no vote Hal Briston

DiggitCamara Chucara Chucara Chucara

Chucara Thing Fish Blaster Master Blaster Master

*hawkeyeop macey Cookies

peekercpa Thing Fish Blaster Master

Pleonast Thing Fish

bufftabby Cookies

Thing Fish Pleonast

*macey no vote

Based on idea by Rapier42