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Dawn Day One Dusk Day One
Dawn Day Two Dusk Day Two
Dawn Day Three Dusk Day Three
Dawn Day Four Dusk Day Four
Dawn Day Five  

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Dead players

PlayerFactionCause of death
stragglerCabalistLynched Day One
PleonastWerewolfKilled Night One
willthekittensurvive?CabalistLynched Day Two
Nanook of the North ShoreMasonKilled Night Two
[Undecided] AdrianMasonKilled Night Two
Oredigger77MasonKilled Night Three
NatlawWerewolfKilled Night Three
Mr. Svinlesha**CabalistRemoved Dusk Day Three
paulwhoisaghostWerewolfRemoved Dusk Day Three
Batman JenkemsWerewolfRemoved Dusk Day Three
Ichini Sanshigo*CabalistLynched Day Four
peekercpaCabalistKilled Night Four

Alive players

MentalGuyMasonSurvived lynch Day Three
Hero From Sector 7G
special ed
Almost Human

*) replaced Seeker of Truth and Beauty Dusk D1
**) replaced rexnervous Dusk D1